How much do you remember from

last year’s keynote speaker?

(Chances are, not much)

David Avrin delivers a high-energy, content-rich actionable message about what it takes to win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace!

Great Don’t just entertain your audience. Also challenge them, inspire and equip them to help organization grow!

The Ideal Opening Keynote Speaker

Kickoff your meeting or conference with a bang! As your Opening Keynote Speaker, platform pro David Avrin sets the stage for profound learning and meaningful engagement with his thought-provoking content delivered with an entertaining, energetic and humorous style. David will provide both the content and context for your audience to help set the stage for all the learning and connections to come!

A Memorable Closing Keynote Speaker

As a powerful Closing Keynote Speaker, David Avrin will reinforce the learning and value received by your conference participants, while challenging them to forgo ingrained behaviors and think beyond the traditional business mindset. With the right mix of humor and energy to keep audiences engaged and in their seats, participants will stay until the end and leave with a smile on their face, along with a clear idea of what’s next and how to get there.

The Acclaimed Business Books By David Avrin

Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) was just named in Forbes as one of The 10 Best Business Books of the Year!


Audiences Rave about David Avrin, CSP!


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